March 20, 2023

Annual Report | The State of Online Antisemitism in 2022

CyberWell's first annual report offers data and insights into the state of online antisemitism since CyberWell began actively monitoring the top 5 social media platforms in May 2022. From top tropes detected to comparisons between removal rates in Arabic and English and a detailed look at the most often violated social media platform policies, this deep dive offers a comprehensive look at Jew-hatred across social media.

November 22, 2022

CyberWell Alert | Online Antisemitism Spikes in Response to Ye

During October and November 2022, CyberWell identified 5 major antisemitic narratives and tropes spurring online antisemitism as a reaction to Ye’s repeated antisemitic statements. We shared tailored reports with the five major social media platforms we monitor - Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook (both Meta). Antisemitic hate crimes in the real world continue to mirror these same flagged online narratives of Jew-hatred.

November 16, 2022

Data Insights | The State of Antisemitism on Twitter

Data insights and methodology of the recently analyzed Twitter dataset, collected, vetted and provided by CyberWell to the the Adopt IHRA Coalition - a group of over 180 organizations from around the world, urging the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition on antisemitism by Twitter.