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Data Speaks Louder Than Words

  • Bar graph showing the number of antisemitic posts over time by platform in 2022.
  • Infographic showing leading antisemitic tropes by platform in 2022.
  • Bar graph showing the rate of removal for antisemitic content on each social media platform, showing that on average 23.8% of antisemitic content was removed follow CyberWell's reporting directly to platforms.
  • Quick facts about CyberWell, founded in 2022 by Tal-Or Cohen Montemayor in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since then, CyberWell has reviewed and vetted over 3,000 pieces of content on 5 social media platforms in 2 languages.

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May 25, 2023

The White House Releases Strategy to Counter Antisemitism

The White House’s landmark Strategy to Counter Antisemitism is an important step, now Congress must act to make it enforceable.

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March 21, 2023

New Report Reveals Disparities in Social Platforms’ Removal of Antisemitism

CyberWell’s new report reveals wide disparities in the type of antisemitism social platforms see – and in how much they remove. Spoiler alert: removal rates are low, and social media platforms need to do better.

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February 28, 2023

Supreme Court: Social Media Platforms Can Moderate Dangerous Content But Choose Not To

Though CyberWell improved the removal rate of antisemitic content on social media platforms from 21% in May to just under 24% in December of 2022, this number is far too low.

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