May 25, 2023

Press Release | The White House Releases Strategy to Counter Antisemitism

The White House’s landmark Strategy to Counter Antisemitism is an important step, now Congress must act to make it enforceable.

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The White House’s National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism is exciting, especially as American Jews are experiencing historic highs of violent Jew-hatred. Seeing a comprehensive and unwavering commitment to fighting antisemitism from the country that is home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel – and which once shut its doors to Jews fleeing the Holocaust – indeed feels like Tikkun Olam.

One of the strategy’s four pillars is reversing the normalization of antisemitism. It rightfully singles out social media platforms, putting forth 10 specific calls to action to increase transparency, accountability, and enforcement of community standards. The plan calls on Congress to attach legal requirements to those calls to action, but we can expect social media platforms to keep hosting antisemitism until the legislation passes. Rates of removal of antisemitic content have stagnated around 25% at best, and there is still little to no transparency on how content is treated when it is reported by users as antisemitic.

Notably, the Strategic Plan fails to address AI large language models like ChatGPT, for example by requiring that models are trained to ignore or flag antisemitic content as part of the development process before being released to the public.

CyberWell will continue to implement the best available technology and AI in order to scour the digital space for Jew-hatred and make that data accessible in the first ever open database of online antisemitism. We look forward to providing the critical professional knowledge, high integrity data-sets, and tech-based tools to facilitate enforcement of this ambitious plan.

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