CyberWell is a groundbreaking public-good startup designed to drive enforcement and improvement of community standards and hate speech policies across the digital space. Our platform features the first ever open database of online antisemitic content in multiple languages.

With the help of our platform, CyberWell users can study and report antisemitic content, allowing them to generate the critical mass necessary to drive accountability for social media platforms and decrease the presence of online Jew-hatred.

Strategic partners, research initiatives, and registered members will be able to access deeper levels of data insights, infographics, and content to empower their efforts in the fight against antisemitism.

An example illustration of CyberWell's dashboard with a bar chart and pie chart showing the quantity and types of antisemitic social media posts identified by CyberWell.
* Product image is for illustration purposes only and does not represent data collected by CyberWell.

Our public database is a cloud-based platform that is sustained by our back-end, which relies on five core disciplines: big data management, open-source intelligence, machine learning analysis, data collection, and dictionary development.

These disciplines and corresponding technologies allow our dedicated team of open-source intelligence professionals, with specialized antisemitism training, to monitor, identify and vet examples of online antisemitism across five different social media platforms in multiple languages.

Once the examples are vetted they are uploaded and organized onto our live website that is searchable, filterable, and accessible to the public.

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