What is different about CyberWell from other organizations fighting antisemitism?

Transparency – We believe in democratizing the fight against online antisemitism.  And we mean it.  That’s why we are the first organization to host data on a cloud-based platform that is accessible to all. 


Technology and Skilled Workforce – We have unique access to the latest social media monitoring technology, big data methodology, and AI, as well as full-time, professionally trained, dedicated staff who are alumni of the Startup Nation’s intelligence community. 


Full Coverage Monitoring – Our evidence-driven database covers all major social media platforms, including image and video, in multiple languages, whereas other efforts focus exclusively on texted-based content and in typically in English only.


Interactive Live Platform – We offer alerts to the state of online antisemitism as it unfolds including visualized and searchable data, updates on the status of reported posts, and trending antisemitic campaigns. Most organizations offering analysis only look at short term data sets collected over a set period of time. We see the full picture.

How does CyberWell monitor antisemitism in the digital space?

Our public database is a cloud-based platform that is sustained by our back end, which relies on five core disciplines: big data management, open-source intelligence, machine learning analysis, data collection and dictionary development.


These disciplines and corresponding technologies allow our dedicated team of open-source intelligence professionals, with specialized antisemitism training and expertise in digital community policies, to monitor, identify and vet examples of online antisemitism across social media platforms in multiple languages.


Once the examples are vetted they are uploaded and organized onto our live website that is searchable, filterable and accessible to the public.

Which digital platforms does CyberWell monitor for online antisemitism?

We currently collect content from five social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. This includes text, hashtags, images, and videos. We aim to expand into gaming and chat platforms, such as Discord and Telegram, in the future. 


We only collect data that is accessible to the public. However, a significant amount of antisemitic posts are public, as those who create and share this content deliberately aim for their messages of hate to spread virally. Our goal is to drive enforcement and improvement of social media policies and community standards, which we achieve through the collection and analysis of public content to identify patterns and offer evidence-driven, comprehensive, and effective policy updates. 

In what languages does CyberWell monitor digital spaces for online antisemitism?

We actively monitor across platforms in both English and Arabic. Resources permitting, we have the capacity and technological ability to quickly expand into Spanish, French, German, and Italian, with Farsi, Russian, and Turkish as our stretch goals.

How can I use the CyberWell platform?

Through CyberWell’s dashboard, public platform users can get a bird’s eye view of the state of online antisemitism. Interact with our user friendly dashboard to gain valuable insights about which platforms are hosting the most antisemitic content, in what languages, and what types of antisemitic discourse are raging online.


CyberWell is meant to be a resource to empower every social media user to take back their digital space by reporting online antisemitism directly to the platform of their choice via their own account by utilizing the Learn & Report table. Join us in fighting back online Jew-hatred and demanding more accountability from social media platforms!


We also offer a deeper research and analysis membership to allies in the fight against antisemitism. If you are a non-profit,  activist, scholar of human rights, think tank, or policy maker be in touch for access to our research database today.

What constitutes antisemitic content?

We rely on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism to identify online Jew-hatred.  All of our content is categorized according to one of the 11 distinct examples of the definition, indicated on our platform and reflected in our data analysis.


Additionally, we identify which flagged antisemitic content violates the digital policies and community standards of the social media platforms which host the content in order to drive enforcement and compliance.


The IHRA working definition of antisemitism is the most-widely recognized international-grade definition of Jew hatred. It has been adopted or recognized by 40 countries and has received support from the United Nations and the European Union, among other official bodies. Furthermore, over 1,000 institutions around the globe use this definition when defining, addressing, or referring to antisemitism.

How will CyberWell’s platform be used to hold social media companies to account?

Partnering with the Public for Digital Activism – No one deserves to feel bullied, targeted,  or discriminated against in their digital spaces. By writing the open-source code to fighting antisemitism and sharing the raw data with the public, CyberWell is mobilizing digital activists to report hate content to the social media platforms through personal account and take back our digital spaces together!


Empowering Agents of Change – Allies against antisemitism have been struggling to beat back the ugly phenomenon of Jew-hatred. By providing a centralized resources of data aggregation, analysis and real-time alerts, CyberWell is enabling policy makers, NGOs, scholars, journalists, influencers and activists to elevate their activities with the data and tools to understand the scope of online Jew-hatred in real-time–without burning valuable resources of their own. 


Leveraging a Mutual Point of Reference – By categorizing all of the data we collect according to the digital policies that the platforms have set for themselves, we are making it easy for the content review teams of the platform to seamlessly integrate and review the data that we report to the social media platforms. 

How can I contribute to CyberWell’s mission and platform?

For US-based donors, we have a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor to ensure that your donations are tax deductible. For this purpose and other private donors, please contact us for details at [email protected]


We are working on opening an option to donate via an online giving platform, and will include a link once available.

Where is CyberWell located?

We are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Who financially supports CyberWell?

We are an independent Israeli non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that is supported through the generosity of our donors, all of whom come from a variety of backgrounds and are united in their commitment to the fight against antisemitism and promoting the ethical use of technology in an increasingly digital world.  We do not receive funding from any government – domestic or international. 

Where can I go to use the platform and report antisemitic content?

Head over to https://app.cyberwell.org/ to join the fight against online antisemitism today!

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